Branding + Digital

Branch is a Series C FinTech founded with the mission to improve the financial lives of Working Americans. Powered by debit card interchange revenue, Branch is able to offer businesses the ability to pay workers daily and access a growing number of financial literacy and financial inclusion benefits.

As Brand Director, I was critical in establishing and maintaining a robust brand library that allowed our small team to support Sales, Partners, Customer Success, and the Product Communications teams. We leveraged Figma & Brandfolder to maintain a succinct but evolving set of assets that empowered our team to produce for new markets at start-up speed, iterate quickly, and stay aligned remotely.

Managed website development in-house (Webflow) for both B2B and B2C experiences, enhancing SEO and content marketing to generate over 50% of lead traffic.

We worked to create a brand that expresses modern tech through bold graphics, sharp messaging, and dynamic layouts, and adapts to a broad audience demographic, across industry and down to a range of worker lifestyles. We used internal workshops and external customer liaisons to define a brand strategy and creative direction for a dynamic brand, influencing over 70% of deal closures.

Implemented and oversaw hundreds of B2B and B2C communications, leveraging cross-departmental tools to off-board 40% of creative production.

Strong considerations were made in defining a brand that can accommodate partnerships, content marketing that reflects researched thought leadership, and on-trend consumer experiences.