MN Zoo


Create curious encounters between humans and animals by connecting people more closely with animals & their naturalworld, and inspire greater involvement in the Zoo and conservation efforts worldwide.

When the snow begins to fall and the temperatures chill your bones,there is a place that is beating with life. Just South of downtown, find 500 acres of animals from around the globe, living in and experiencing the North. Winter at the Zoo is a fascinating time for locals to dress in layers and learn about their natural world. We don’t hibernate, we bundle up and embrace. Get to the Zoo and experience the primal animal kingdom as you satisfy your curiosity about the fantastic world around you.

Turn familiar faces into the extraordinary creatures of the Zoo, while simultaneously introducing users to endangered and protected species that need their support.Using the latest facial-tracking tech, the experience would be instant and magical, creating a stream of images for visitors to share their experience at the Minnesota Zoo with friends and family.

Connect the conservation need to an emotionally-charged virtual experience. Invite visitors into the natural environments of animals. Get them up close and personal, while delivering vital information and details of the Zoo's efforts through awe-inspiring immersive audio and video.