Betty Recipes

Product Design

In order to create an experience that people would use and enjoy interfacing with, we had to look at who exactly and truly still connects with the Betty Crocker brand. By getting to know Betty lovers, we could re-imagine how Betty Crocker could and should look today.

The recipe is the DNA of a meal. It is the symbol and artifact of the meal that persists before, during and after. It invokes and instructs, it remembers and reminds. The cook knows it is her key to unlocking her vision, her need, her desire to connect, create and nurture.

Show General Mills what the future of Betty could look like in the palm of people’s hands. Create an experience that felt current, personalized, and actionable. Put a recipe in your queue, don’t bury it ina recipe box. Take big data to make the experience feel unique. Make Betty your awesome next door neighbor not some old lady who lives in a book.